WEBINAR | Viscometer vs. Rheometer: Which is right for me?

 Anton Paar warmly invites you to an interactive presentation on Viscometry and Rheometry


Mr. Tomatohead has been inundated with complaints from customers for over a week! Customers are saying his signature tomato sauce is no longer pouring smoothly. Their snags are drenched in sauce, because the contents of the sauce bottle flow out too quickly. If Mr. Tomatohead doesn’t do something about this quick, he will surely lose more than just followers on social media! 

Does this sound like you? Have you ever found yourself trying to understand why the flow behavior of your product varies from batch to batch, and how to best quantify it? What about developing new products for use in new markets, or fine tuning a process to ensure a more consistent product?

Join us for this fun introduction to viscometry, rheometry and the science of funny fluids. Then learn what is the best device for you, i.e. a viscometer, rheometer or something in between. The presentation includes a live measurement on some common household products, showing where and how different devices can be used, and which one would suit best.