Operando X-ray Diffraction Studies of Catalysts

Catalysts are an essential part of many industrial synthesis processes as they can lower the energy consumption and increase the efficiency of a given process. Heterogenous catalysts, in particular solid-state catalysts in fixed-bed reactors, often require operando activation or recycling, undergo gradual aging processes, and commonly transform into unstable activated species in situ.

A structural investigation of these catalysts under operating conditions is therefore necessary to understand catalytic processes, design new catalyst materials, or to increase reaction efficiency.

X-ray diffraction (XRD) at non-ambient conditions such as increased temperature, high pressures, and under various gas atmospheres, is the perfect tool for operando investigation of catalysts that undergo reversible, gradual, or multi-step structural changes under such conditions.

Studying dynamic structural changes (e.g. during solid-state gas reactions) or the performance of catalysts requires specialized non-ambient XRD equipment, so-called reactor chambers. With the XRK 900 Reactor Chamber from Anton Paar, kinetic studies can be performed easily and reliably.

In this webinar you will not only learn about the technical details of the instrument, such as how homogeneous temperatures and gas distribution can be established, but you will also get tips and tricks for optimizing your results. Additionally, you will get some insights into exciting applications that are made possible by the XRK 900.

Content of the webinar:

  • Basics of studying reactions under non-ambient conditions
  • XRK 900 reactor chamber: technical details and solutions
  • How to optimize experiments
  • Application examples

Target group:

  • Anyone performing non-ambient XRD experiments: from beginners to experts
  • Anyone performing non-ambient XRD studies of solid-state or solid-state gas reactions
Mag. Dr. Barbara Puhr (English)
Mag. Dr. Barbara Puhr (English)
Barbara Puhr

Dr. Barbara Puhr obtained her PhD in Earth Sciences from the University of Graz, with a focus in petrology and geochemistry. Following a post-doctoral fellowship and some years of experience in X-ray diffraction in an industrial R&D facility, she joined Anton Paar in July 2014 and currently works as the product manager for Non-Ambient X-ray attachments.


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