Latest Developments in Interfacial Rheometry

Emulsions and foams are commonly found in pharmaceutical, personal care, agricultural, and food products. Understanding the rheology of a fluid-fluid interface in emulsions and foams is critical to engineering the interface and improving the shelf-life of these products. Conversely, destabilizing an interface is technologically relevant to, for example, separation processes in oil recovery and cleanup. In this webinar, basic concepts and different methods for measuring interfacial rheology will be reviewed. The limitations of some of these experimental methods will then be discussed. Using bovin serum albumin (BSA) as a model system, we will also demonstrate how to use a rheometer with high torque sensitivity to capture the rheological responses of a BSA-laden interface.   

Recording available
Shing-Yun Chang (English)
Shing-Yun Chang

Shing-Yun Chang is a Ph.D. candidate at the National Taiwan University, majoring in Agricultural Chemistry and working on the modification and rheology of starch. She is currently an Anton Paar fellow and a visiting scholar with Prof. Anson Ma’s research group at the University of Connecticut. Her project involves studying the interfacial rheology of a carbon nanotube-laden air/water interface.


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