Internal vs. External Wine Data: Variation Limits and Best Practices

Data gathered by external wine laboratories or sister wineries can serve as an excellent reference for wine producers, but it can also lead to a basic, common issue: sometimes external data does not match internal data.

This webinar will discuss this issue, and examine the comparison of wine data gathered from similar instruments but at site and different times. The presentation will also discuss best practices for establishing internal limits for day-to-day variation from a laboratory control sample, as well as limits that should be applied when comparing internal data with that from outside sources.

Additionally, we will take a look at the data return from an ASEV-sponsored and CST-executed regular round robin test and discuss the benefits of participating in such a program.

Jay Skovbjerg (English)
Jay Skovbjerg

Jay Skovbjerg is Anton Paar USA’s top wine expert in the western United States. Jay has been working with analytical instruments and systems for more than 35 years, with data analysis and analytical method development serving as major focus areas of his work. On behalf of Anton Paar, Jay is actively participating in official test method development with international standards organization, ASTM.


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