How to ensure the color consistency of beer

Beer holds the pole position among the world’s most consumed alcoholic beverages. To ensure this position, beer producers have to guarantee the consistency of a beer brand’s taste and color. Thus, color is an important quantity for beer quality assessment. Its accurate determination is most crucial in finished beer and the entire process. When it comes to color of beer and wort, Anton Paar’s laboratory and process instruments are the key to success. The results provided comply with the different standards such as EBC (European Brewery Convention)/MEBAK®/ASBC (American Society of Brewing Chemists).

This free webinar gives an overview of the measurement of beer color and shows you solutions for your production in real-time. Key insights include:

  • Learn the fundamentals of ensuring a product with a steady visual appearance – color
  • Get introduced to a complete solution to measure the color of beer and wort with both laboratory and inline instrumentation from Anton Paar
  • Familiarize yourself with diverse applications of the Anton Paar’s inline color sensor L-Col 6100 including color monitoring at the blending unit, after filtration, prior to filler, and even at the process line between whirlpool and cooler


Recording available
Vitan Tursic, Jörg-Christian Seit (English)
Vitan Tursic

Vitan Turšič had his educational focus in chemical engineering with concentration on continuous manufacturing and process analytical technology. His work experience includes years of process plant engineering on the manufacturing scale and application development for inline reaction monitoring.


Vitan has been working for Anton Paar since 2017 as a Product and Application Specialist for Process Sensors including the sensors for inline monitoring of color, dissolved oxygen and carbon dioxide.


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