Workshop on Chemisorption for Catalysis Characterization


In contrast to physisorption, chemisorption involves the formation of strong bonds between adsorbate molecules and specific surface locations known as active sites. This workshop will focus on analyzing extensive catalyst characteristics through inert and active gas absorption. You will further learn how to quantify acid and reactive site concentrations, surface site bond strengths, inert support and active metal area, dispersion and crystallite size, etc.

This workshop is beneficial for people working in petrochemical companies where catalysts are used to produce higher octane gasoline, automotive companies where catalysts are used to reduce undesirable exhaust gases and fuel cell companies where catalysts are used for combining two chemicals.

Please note that while we will be happy to help you with booking, the cost of the accommodation will be borne by the participants. 

Data: 2019-07-30 , 10:00 - 17:00 (IST UTC+05:30)
Miejsce: Gurugram, India, Anton Paar India's Application Lab Gurugram
Language (Język): English
Liczba uczestników: 20
Organizator: Anton Paar India
Instruktor: Mr. Steven Lotter
Koniec rejestracji: 2019-07-19

Osoba kontaktowa i rejestracja:
Manoj Sharma
tel.: 91 - 9810026732[at]

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