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Beverage Day with Anton Paar: Inline Beverage Analysis for continuous, accurate and safe measurements


About the workshop:

The quality control of parameters in Soft Drinks and Juices during the production is a must to guarantee consistent product quality, taste, shelf life and savings. We are organizing this workshop to provide a forum for sharing knowledge on various aspects of the online process analysis of soft drinks and juices to ensure in-spec production and complete traceability. The session will also include an overview of the Anton Paar instruments and solutions for your daily quality control tasks to complete your beverage analysis at the production line.

Who should attend:

The workshop will be useful for the operators, quality control managers and research personnel working in the soft drink industry and who are responsible to maintain the key properties of the final product.


Data: 2019-08-27 , 09:00 - 16:00 (CEST UTC+02)
Miejsce: Midrand, Afrika-Borwa , Anton Paar South Africa Johannesburg
Język: English
Organizator: Anton Paar Southern Africa
Instruktor: Dr. Miha Zavrsnik
Koszty: Free of cost
Koniec rejestracji: 2019-08-26

Osoba kontaktowa i rejestracja:
Ms Peggy Mello
tel.: +27 - 11 - 021 - 516567 - 104