• Optional built-in peristaltic pump for Abbemat Performance Plus

Accessory for Abbemat Performance: Built-in Peristaltic Pump

The peristaltic pump provides automated filling of the sample cell and continuous monitoring of your laboratory batches with the Abbemat Performance Plus Line.

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Key features

The optionally built-in peristaltic pump for the Abbemat Performance Plus Line fills sample continuously into the measuring cell.

To reduce the contact with toxic or poisonous chemicals use the Abbemat Performance Plus Line with the built-in peristaltic pump or with theXsample™ 520 sample changer.

Once installed, the peristaltic pump is automatically recognized by the Abbemat Performance Plus Line refractometers (Plug and Play). Afterwards it is controlled via the Abbemat, e.g. the pumping time or pump speed can be set for each method.

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