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Microwave digestion rotor:

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  • Rotor for Multiwave 5000
  • Ideal for the digestion of demanding samples
  • Highest sample throughput (20 samples in a run)
  • SmartTemp temperature measurement for optimum reaction control
  • Only three parts allows tool-free, easy handling of the vessel

SVT vessels for Multiwave 5000 have been designed to withstand the highest temperatures and pressures while the tool-free handling of the three-part vessel helps you save valuable time. With the highest throughput for high-performance rotors on the market, Rotor 20SVT50 is the perfect choice for all kinds of routine samples. It also handles more demanding samples which require higher temperatures, such as ceramics, alloys, polymers, cosmetics, geological materials, petrochemicals, chemicals, and samples from refractories.

Key features

Sophisticated vessel concept

Sophisticated vessel concept

The advanced version of the vessels using our well-known SmartVent technology offers the highest operating parameters and allows the digestion of difficult and demanding samples while maintaining the easy handling concept of the HVT vessels.

  • SmartVent technology for the digestion of large sample quantities and samples with different reaction behavior in one run
  • The highest temperatures for complete digestions in a minimum of time
  • Up to 20 samples in one single run for the highest throughput
  • The robust design of the vessel and SmartTemp temperature measurement  guarantee safe operation at the highest temperatures and pressures
  • Cooling fins on the vessel body and the airflow-guided ventilation concept ensure fast cooling after the digestion
SmartTemp: Contactless temperature measurement

SmartTemp: Contactless temperature measurement

The new SmartTemp sensor measures the internal temperature of each vessel directly and in real-time. Combining the fast temperature feedback of an internal temperature probe with the convenience of an infrared sensor, SmartTemp provides the best temperature measurement in real-time. The robust design of the vessel and SmartTemp temperature measurement guarantee safe operation at the highest temperatures and pressures, which is essential for hard-to-digest or exothermic samples.

Save time with easy handling and the highest throughput

Save time with easy handling and the highest throughput

Opening and sealing Multiwave 5000’s rotors, vessels, and sensors is quick and simple - just use your hands. This unique tool-free handling simplifies frequently repeated work steps and saves valuable time.

  • Tool-free, easy handling of only three parts
  • Compact rotor design for maximum throughput
  • Up to 20 different samples in one single run

Anton Paar Certified Service

The Anton Paar quality in service and support:
  • More than 350 manufacturer-certified technical experts worldwide
  • Qualified support in your local language
  • Protection for your investment throughout its lifecycle
  • 3-year warranty
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