Anton Paar OptoTec expands premises

2015-05-20 | Corporate

Anton Paar OptoTec GmbH located in Seelze near Hannover (Germany) develops and produces optical measuring instruments. In recent years the Anton Paar Group subsidiary achieved significant growth in its business volume and number of employees. This will be met with a comprehensive expansion of the company premises.

Whereas in 2007 there were 13 employees working in Seelze, now there are around 50 colleagues. The building is too small and needs to be expanded. The people and materials will need to move to temporary containers. 

Since Anton Paar’s acquisition of the former Dr. Kernchen GmbH in 2007 the number of refractometers and polarimeters sold has increased more than sixfold. In 2014 the number of delivered instruments exceeded one thousand for the first time.

In the first building step the working area will be doubled, allowing the team to expand to a total of 80 employees in the future. The purchased site has around 10500 m² and allows a second building phase with a further expansion of approx. 50 percent. At the same time an option to purchase the neighboring site with 8500 m² has been agreed. This means future expansion at the location is secured.

The new building is split into an office complex and a production center. They are connected via an entrance and office area. Large windows and glass partition walls ensure there is sufficient daylight for all work areas and in the corridors. The large window openings in the entrance area allow visitors to see directly what is happening in the assembly area.

The building will have ventilation and cooling. The production center will have underfloor heating, which will guarantee a consistent and low-dust environment, particularly important for the development and assembly of optics and bonding processes.

There will also be a fully equipped laboratory which will serve both as a show room and also show the instruments in use. This will be used in the continuous improvement and new development of applications, for measurements on customer samples, demonstrations for customers and visitors and for hands-on training.

The building work began in January. At the start there were some challenges concerning drainage and the creation of a viable soil layer. The building work is progressing quickly and on schedule: The framework and shell of the production center are standing; the top floor of the office block is currently being built. Building work should be completed by the end of September 2015. The Anton Paar OptoTec team is already looking forward to the new workplace.