Webinar on Rheological Characterization of Agrochemicals


Application of rheology in the field of agrochemicals is well known at both research and development, and quality control stages.  It is not just confined to the flow or stability of formulations, but is also used to understand the characteristics of powders such as their compaction, shear, melt behavior, etc. The current webinar elucidates the various possibilities of rheological characterizing agrochemicals ranging from simple free-flowing formulations to slurries to powders. The outline of the content of the webinar is as follows:

  • Introduction to Rheology
  • Instrumentation and Testing Methodologies
  • Case Studies
  • Live Demonstration 

Idioma: English
Instructor: Mr. Mayank Varshney, Dr. Sumit Singh
Mayank Varshney

Mr. Mayank Varshney is presently working as an Application Specialist at Anton Paar India, where he provides technical support for Rheology. He completed his Masters in Material Science from IIT Patna and since then he has devoted his career to Polymer Rheology Characterization for solving processing issues like melt fracture, sharkskin and die swell. He has experience in delivering trainings and sessions on several aspects of Rheology such as Powder Rheology, DMTA, Smart Fluids, etc.

Sumit Singh

Dr. Sumit Singh is working as a Application Specialist, Characterization Division at Anton Paar India, He completed his PhD on “Thermal and Rheological study on Polymer modified Bitumen” from IIT Roorkee. He has keen interest in Rheology along with its wide range applications and modularity. He has experience in providing trainings and delivering webinars, lab sessions on numerous applications of rheology such as asphalt, polymers, DMTA, gels etc. He has presented many research papers in National & International forums and have received few academic accolades too during his research career.