Rhythm and beet - Improve your sugar beet reception every day


Leading seed growing companies want to generate better sugar beet varieties with high sucrose content and improved white sugar yield. Forward-thinking sugar producers want to improve the processing quality of the delivered sugar beet. This can be done by analyzing the recoverable sugar content and by giving advice to farmers on optimal fertilization and cultivation techniques, based on quality data of the sugar beet. This quality data can be obtained with the Betalyser system.

This webinar presents the parameters which are important for a successful beet reception, how they are measured, and what else is required to run a sugar beet reception lab smoothly around the clock.




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Idioma: English
Instructor: Dr. Frank Gottsleben
Frank Gottsleben

Dr. Frank Gottsleben studied chemistry and obtained his diploma and doctor title at the Leibnitz University of Hannover, Germany. He is working with Anton Paar as the International product manager for Refractometers and for the past 28 years, as a specialist for sugar applications.  


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