Optimize your viscosity QC processes in the chemical industry


Viscosity testing of polymer solutions, inks, adhesives and other chemicals can be challenging and time-consuming. Join our webinar to learn more about the importance of viscosity measurements during the manufacturing process/quality control and for specification of the final products. In this webinar we will cover the following topics:

  • The importance of viscosity for chemicals during manufacturing and product specification
  • How to optimize processes to save cost and time while increasing productivity
  • How Anton Paar's viscometers can help you optimize your quality control processes, saving time and reducing operational cost.

Target group:

  • Quality assurance personnel, quality consultants, compliance managers, regulatory affair managers, auditors
  • Anyone concerned with measuring relevant viscosity parameters for QC purposes
  • Everyone who is at the stage of choosing a viscometer for their viscosity measurements
  • Laboratory managers and technicians, supervisors and production managers
  • Quality control and R&D laboratories, companies interested in viscosity measurements which are in the budgeting phase or considering buying new equipment or replacing the one they have
Idioma: English
Instructor: Dr. Nikolaus Turrini
Nikolaus Turrini

Nikolaus Turrini obtained his PhD in Chemistry from the University of Graz, with a focus in the field of organic and bioorganic chemistry. Following a post-doctoral fellowship in Environmental Metallomics he joined Anton Paar in January 2018 and currently works as product manager in the viscometry department.


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