Brewhouse extract monitoring


Cut your losses! Monitor brewhouse extract with Anton Paar process instrumentation and increase efficiency! Ensure a flawless production process, one step at a time. 

Process instrumentation is not always included in the beginning of the production process. It is, however, very easy for the brewer to integrate these systems later in both new and old brewhouses. Process instrumentation coincide with common critical process control points for quality assurance, quality control and monitoring overall brewhouse efficiency while simultaneously saving time, increasing production, and reducing extract loss. 


  • Brewhouse Overview
  • OEM Solution vs. Anton Paar Solution
  • Density vs. Sound Velocity
  • Wort Capitalization
  • Q&A with Raymond Calitz and Craig Groeneveld

Gain insights into the application of Lautering, High Gravity Brewing, Wort boiling, Whirlpool and Wort cooling in this free webinar. 

Idioma: English
Instructor: Raymond Calitz
Raymond Calitz

He joined Anton Paar Southern Africa in 2012 as a Sales Specialist for the Beverage team. He now oversees Process Instrumentation as the Product Manager within the Measurement team. He has a NDip in Process Engineering from TUT, and is currently studying towards his BTech in Process Engineering at TUT.


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