Application RapidOxy: Vanilla Extracts

The stability of different vanilla extracts was tested at 100 °C and 140 °C.

Alternative to Traditional Stability Test Methods

The rapid small scale tester, RapidOxy, is a fast, safe and user friendly alternative to traditional stability test methods. The instrument measures the induction period, which can be used as an indication of the oxidation and storage stability. Compared to other oxidation and storage stability test methods, the RapidOxy procedure requires only a small sample to give exact test results in a short period of time.

Quick Preparation and Easy Handling

All it takes on preparation is to fill the sample directly into the test chamber, tighten the screw cap and close the instrument. The test chamber is automatically charged with oxygen pressure and heated until it reaches the test temperature (e.g. 140 °C in a standard program). Now the pressure is monitored until a pressure drop of 10 % from pmax is detected.

Fig. 1: Display of test progress

Procedure Comparison

The following table shows the oxidation stability of four vanilla extract samples at test temperatures of 100 °C and 140 °C. The values determined at 100 °C with the RapidOxy are in compliance with the customer’s expectations. Furthermore, the test time could be shortened from about 1000 minutes to 60 minutes by increasing the test temperature to 140 °C. The performance at both temperatures was identically.

Results for Vanilla Extract Samples
Sample t [min]
at 100 °C
t [min]
at 140 °C
Z1-b 1139 69.55
Z1-b2 1065 60.66
Z2-b 1228 73.01
Z2-b2 1091 60.91

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