Application RapidOxy: Stability of Cocoa Mass

The stability of differently processed cocoa samples was tested with the RapidOxy.

Alternative to Traditional Stability Test Methods

The rapid small scale tester, RapidOxy, is a fast, safe and user-friendly alternative to traditional stability test methods. The instrument measures the induction period, which can be used as an indication of the oxidation and storage stability. Compared to other oxidation and storage stability test methods, the RapidOxy procedure requires only a small sample to give exact test results in a short period of time.


New Application

The goal for this measurement was to test, if the four provided cocoa samples differ clearly in stability. The samples were cocoa liquor: cocoa beans processed and grinded into cocoa mass. This product is pressed out and separated into cocoa butter and cocoa powder.

The samples have been tested in a user-defined program using 5 g of sample in a glass dish at a test temperature of 120 °C and 700 kPa filling pressure until a pressure drop of 10 % below maximum pressure (pmax) occured.



Test temp.
Filling pressure
(decimal minutes)
120 700 25.01.2016 A 356.32
120 700 26.01.2016 B 343.78
120 700 26.01.2016 C 318.49
120 700 27.01.2016 D 303.27

Fig. 1: Results for cocoa samples in minutes



107296 O-ring set, Viton®, pack of 100

107138 Cleaning tissues, 150 sheets

106381 Glass dish


Fig. 2: Display of test progress



The order of stability of the samples as it was expected by the customer could be confirmed:
Sample A → Sample B → Sample C → Sample D


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