The science behind effective cannabis-infused products

Cannabis-infused beverages have escalated in popularity to the point where they are no longer a mere product category, but rather a full industry sector. With increased popularity comes the need for manufacturers to fine-tune their cannabis emulsions to ensure stability and overall shelf-life of their products.

Anton Paar USA and Vertosa invite you to a live presentation on April 14 that will focus on cannabis emulsion manufacturing and optimization for infused beverages. Specific topics will include:

·       An overview of the cannabis emulsion manufacturing process

·       Important parameters in achieving optimized emulsions for better, more stable products

·       An overview of analytical tools commonly used to optimize emulsion properties

·       Advantages of Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) for particle size measurements to quantify taste and bioavailability

·       Determination of emulsion zeta potential (a measure of shelf stability and particle-particle interaction) using Electrophoretic Light Scattering (ELS)

·       Producing emulsions that are optimized for a variety of specific cannabis-infused products.  

Presenters will include top scientific experts from Vertosa and Anton Paar, and the event will feature a live question and answer session to address your specific questions.

Dr. Harold Han, Dr. Vidumin Dahanayake (English)
Harold Han

Having spent his entire career developing nano and micro emulsions, Dr. Harold Han combined his strong background in emulsion chemistry with his passion for plant medicine to build the foundation of his current business, Vertosa.  He holds a Ph.D. in Surface Chemistry from NYU, worked as a senior emulsion scientist at Bio-Rad laboratories for almost seven years. His team developed the emulsification oil for the digital droplet PCR system.

As both Founder and CSO of Vertosa, Dr. Han leads Vertosa's research and production of cannabis emulsion, which can be infused into beverages, cosmetics, and edibles.  As a firm believer in the medicinal properties of cannabinoids, Dr. Han’s goal for Vertosa is to unlock the healing power of the cannabis plant and make it acceptable to all. 

Vidumin Dahanayake

Vidumin Dahanayake is the Business Unit Characterization Product Specialist for the Anton Paar USA Western Region team. He holds a Ph.D in chemistry from Georgetown University, where his focus was mini-emulsion synthesis and pharmacokinetic evaluation of metal oxo cluster-embedded nano beads. Vidumin has worked very closely with industrial partners to scientifically characterize cannabis nanoemulsions and powders for size, charge, and dissolution.


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