What you need to know

Are you wondering how this acquisition will affect Quantachrome products, sales, and services?
We have answers to the most frequently asked questions.

  • Will Anton Paar close the Florida facility or relocate it?

    Anton Paar will neither close nor relocate the Florida facility. Quantachrome is Anton Paar’s first manufacturing facility in North America. The acquisition was based on many factors including its technology, product line, manufacturing capabilities, and human resources – talented employees with valued know-how. Anton Paar is planning to invest heavily in Quantachrome in the coming years to make it a showcase of technology in the industry.

    Company acquisitions in the lab equipment market are often associated with a lot of layoffs. Will there be layoffs of Quantachrome employees we know?

    No. A key part of Anton Paar’s values is the belief that the company’s success is based not only on providing high-end technology, but also on the valuable contribution that each and every employee provides. Quantachrome is Anton Paar’s seventh acquisition. After each of their prior acquisitions, sales and other results have increased exponentially.

    The hiring of new employees has been seen to negatively impact operations, service, and quality. Will this happen with Quantachrome?

    No. Anton Paar is very experienced in acquisitions and post-integration planning and implementation. A large team from Anton Paar is currently working on developing and implementing a very organized and methodical integration plan. Paramount within this plan is to assure that the superior service and support you have come to expect from Quantachrome will in no way be disrupted or negatively impacted. Change will occur in an orderly, disciplined, and planned fashion. All changes will result in superior service, support, and benefits.

    In which way is the warranty for new and existing instruments affected?

    All of Quantachrome’s warranties remain in force and have not changed. All of Quantachrome’s staff remains fully committed to supporting you before the sale, during the sale, and after the sale with all your instrument support needs.

    In which way are service and field service availabilities affected?

    You will still have access to trained service technicians from Quantachrome. In the near future our field service staff and capabilities will be dramatically expanded with the combination of the Quantachrome and Anton Paar field service teams. For many of our customers this will result in a much closer geographic proximity of service personnel. 

    Where do I find sales, technical, and application support?

    Quantachrome will continue to offer you unparalleled technical and application support before, during, and after the sale. Quantachrome in Boynton Beach, FL will remain the center for application and technical support. You will have access to all our staff in the same way as you had in the past. 

    Will commercial lab testing still be available from Quantachrome?

    Our LabQMC analytical lab will continue to operate in Florida. Your point of contact will be your local representative from the worldwide Anton Paar network. 

    Will my sales rep stay the same?

    In the short term everything will continue to run and function as it has. Your usual sales rep will be your contact person for all sales support matters. At some point there will be an integration into the larger Anton Paar sales force. This will provide an expanded and more concentrated geographic coverage. Any changes to the sales force will be planned well in advance and you will be notified if there were to be any changes in your local sales representation.

    Will Quantachrome continue with its strong global scientific discovery efforts in adsorption science?

    Yes. Being leaders in adsorption science will remain a core focus of Quantachrome’s science team. In cooperation with Dr. Matthias Thommes, we will continue to publish innovative research, cooperate with leading scientific laboratories all over the world, serve on industry standards committees, and continue with scientific and application development with leading industrial partners. 

    Will Quantachrome exhibit at shows as Quantachrome or as Anton Paar? How can I find you?

    For 2018, Quantachrome will continue to exhibit and be listed as “Quantachrome Instruments”. We will have independent booths from Anton Paar during 2018 at most trade shows.

    Will the remit to address and banking information remain the same?

    Yes all remit to and banking remains stable and valid.

    Are CDAs/NDAs still valid?

    Yes, all current CDAs and NDAs remain current and valid. The acquisition of Quantachrome by Anton Paar does not affect any legal agreements.