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Rheo-Microscopy for MCR 702 TwinDrive

Rheo-microscopy is an established technology for visualizing the inner structures of samples while applying shear and deformation forces. MCR 702 TwinDrive with the rheo-microscopy setup is the first commercial rheometer system to perform measurements in counter-rotation mode, producing a stagnation plane where the sheared structure remains at a fixed position. This stagnation plane constantly keeps the focused structure in the microscope’s field of view while accurate rheological data is obtained.

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Key Features

The setup

MCR 702 TwinDrive is equipped with a microscope holder mounted onto a board for fixing the optical system. This is the same setup used for single-drive rheo-microscopy, which means that polarized, non-polarized and fluorescence microscopy is also available in the TwinDrive setup. The holder is movable in the x- and z-direction for sample scanning in radial direction and focusing. Beside the possibility of sample focusing through the lower plate via a mirror, the system can also be positioned to focus into the sample gap from the side. The sample is illuminated by a light guide, either along the optical axis or over a suitable light guide holder.

Technical highlights

  • First commercial setup allowing to perform microscopy at the stagnation plane using the counter-rotation mode of the MCR 702 TwinDrive    
  • Precise rheological data in combination with microscopy: Sample is kept in focus due to produced stagnation plane
  • Two types of access: from the bottom and the side, for observation of structures in different planes
  • Microscopy tube from single motor setup is used and adapted
  • Speed balance allows to trap and fix the structures
  • Flexible choice of measuring systems: at least one lower glass required for bottom view.
  • Glass-thickness-corrected lens with 20 times magnification is required.
  • Options for polarized, non-polarized and fluorescence microscopy available
  • Illumination along the tube or via separate fixture outside

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