Grand opening of the new Offline location

2021-10-27 | Corporate

The "Creative Collective" of the austrian charity organisation CARITAS officially opened its doors on October 15 just a few steps away from the Headquarters of Anton Paar.

Three low-threshold labor market projects of Caritas have merged under one roof: Offline, tag.werk and stoff.werk.graz. All three projects have set themselves the goal of supporting people in entering or re-entering the labor market.

Support from the charitable Santner Foundation
The chraitable Santner Foundation facilitated the construction of the new location and also provided financial support for the purchase of machinery for the workshops. "Here, there are various workshops on 600 square meters, from carpentry to sewing, but also offices and social rooms could be set up. In the past year we recorded 20,000 hours of employment even with the pandemic. Now we also have enough space for the production of bags, clothing and accessories, but also old furniture is restored here," says a pleased Bernhard Sundl, head of the project "Offline". In the future, "Offline" will also support people with non-substance-related addictions explained Friedl Santner: "Gambling, buying or surfing can also become an addiction and drive people into a deep downward spiral from which it is difficult for them to get out on their own. Thanks to our employees, whose day-to-day work is responsible for financially supporting such a project, we are able to help addicts find their way back into life."

Extensive program for the guests
After the official speeches and the blessing by Father Thomas from Stift Rein, the guests were allowed to demonstrate their manual skills in the workshops. They screwed, sawed and hammered while building small insect houses, and the sewing machine ran hot while making bags. Finally, educational scientist Markus Meschik held a talk on the subject of "Addictive behavior in digital games".

The "Offline" project

The employment project "Offline" of the charitable Santner Foundation helps people with addictions to (re)enter the work process. Since June 2009, the team around Bernhard Sundl (Caritas Styria) has been working with remarkable commitment and great perseverance to reintegrate people with an addiction background into the labor market, to stabilize them permanently and to integrate them socially. Products from the "Offline" project can still be purchased in the store at Mariahilferstraße 19 in Graz.