Working at: Anton Paar ShapeTec GmbH

“If you are looking for a job which brings new challenges every day, then you’ve come to the right place.”

Johannes Bernsteiner, General Manager | Anton Paar ShapeTec GmbH

I like the fact that our products are tangible, useful, and understandable. People come into contact with them in daily life, often without even knowing it. They include the infoscreen on the tram, parts for prostheses and surgical instruments, housing for state-of-the-art hi-fi systems, drinking fountains, and locking devices for the landing gear of passenger planes. We offer individual solutions which cover everything from the engineering to the completed and certified assembly. Our customers come from very different branches and this brings new and exciting challenges for our work. That’s why we need highly qualified and skilled employees, a well-equipped machine park, and a training program for our own apprentices.

Our work is extremely diverse – and demanding. We always strive to give our customers more than they expect. Alongside the high quality of our products, this is what defines Anton Paar ShapeTec GmbH. It gives us an advantage on the very dynamic subcontracting market. And yes, it’s true that in the subcontracting business we experience immense pressure placed on the deadline, the quality, and the price. That affects everyone in their daily work but together we are good at managing it. Our great results are a testament to our know-how, our teamwork, and the commitment of every one of our employees.

Benefits for employees

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