Powder rheology 1: An introduction – properties and flow behavior of powders and granular media

This webinar is the starting point for a series of 30-minute webinars dedicated to powder rheology. The series starts with a general introduction on powders, their properties and behavior. The following webinars will showcase different test methods, what they reveal, and for which applications they can be useful. Further webinars treat specific applications, such as powder flow and fluidization. Powders and granular media are used in many processes as raw material, intermediate, and final products. Processing powders can be challenging, therefore a good understanding of their properties and behavior helps to increase quality as well as reduce waste and production downtime.

This first general introduction into powders and granular media gives an overview on powder properties and how powders can be classified. Powder behavior depends on many different internal and external influences, such as cohesiveness, load conditions, and humidity which impact for example cohesion, flow behavior, compressibility, and fluidization.

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