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    Your Anton Paar density meter has been working hard for years. Take the opportunity to renew your successful partnership with our instruments by retiring your hardworking DMA density meter and getting a new one at an attractive discount.

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A new heart, a new start

A lot has happened since you bought your last density meter. For example: in 2018 Anton Paar redefined digital density measurement with the launch of a new, revolutionary measuring principle, the Pulsed Excitation Method (PEM), which is now implemented in its laboratory density meters. The portable density meter DMA 35 has been significantly improved and a number of patents have been registered.


Choose your new density meter

  • To replace your DMA 48 or DMA 4000/4100 we recommend:

    DMA 1001

    Provides 4-digit accuracy and therefore full compliance with ASTM D4052, ASTM D5002, and Pharmacopoeia. DMA 1001’s unique one-point water adjustment directly at the measurement temperature is the quickest way to get your measurement work started. The syringe holder eliminates the potential influences from different users, syringe types, or syringe filling volumes. You can store up to 5000 results including timestamp, sample name, camera image of the filling, and any potential filling warnings for later verification of stored results. Find out more

  • To replace your DMA 38 or DMA 500 we recommend:

    DMA 501 (or DMA 1001, see above)

    Provides 3-digit accuracy and is perfect for quick quality checks in your production area, storage facilities, or in the lab. Even if the sample characteristics are challenging, DMA 501 delivers stable results. Pasty, inhomogeneous, sedimenting, particle-containing samples, and even aerosol sprays can all be measured. Find out more

  • To replace your DMA 35 portable density meter we recommend:

    DMA 35

    The new portable density meter which provides 3-digit accuracy, the fastest filling, and automatically corrects the results for viscosity influence. Gesture control, sample and data handling via Bluetooth and RFID interfaces, and a measuring cell you can replace yourself make DMA 35 easy to use in the field. It has IP54 protection class and is suitable for both left- and right-handed users. If required, you can also get one of the only intrinsically safe portable density meters on the market for use in hazardous areas. Find out more

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