Short course on the Chemistry, Physics and Mechanics of Surface Science and Adhesion


This course is intended to give an overview of all aspects of adhesion science ranging from the basic molecular and atomic interactions responsible for the fundamental adhesion forces up to the large scale consequences of these forces as they affect the durability of coatings and adhesive joints.

Benefits from this course:

You will understand advantages and disadvantages of a range of adhesion measurement techniques. You will be able to select the right surface cleaning technique including the use of atmospheric plasmas. You will utilize the concept of acid-base interactions in improving adhesion and acquire basic skills for addressing adhesion failure problems, analyze the alternatives and select the optimum technique for improving adhesion and structure durability. Know where help is available in emergency situations and learn how to select the best measurement technique for a given application.

Előfeltételek: Elementary background in chemistry, physics or materials science.

Dátum: 2020-05-13, 08:30 - 2020-05-15, 17:00 (EST UTC-05)
Helyszín: Ashland, VA, United States, Anton Paar USA Inc. Ashland
Nyelv: English
Résztvevő száma: 30
Szervező: Anton Paar USA
Oktató: Speakers from research and industry
Költségek: $1,295, includes break refreshments, complete set of lecture notes and copy of handbook and reference guide.
Regisztráció vége: 2020-05-06

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