Working at: Anton Paar Sudhaus GmbH

"It’s easy to feel the joy when we’re at work!"

Ulrike Bernhard, Host | Anton Paar Sudhaus GmbH

To be given the opportunity to make many different people happy by friendly interaction and special attention is what’s truly wonderful in food service. 

In our line of work, expertise and discipline are equally as important as team spirit and flexibility. We can only be successful as a team. Making sure that the guests feel looked after requires teamwork. In our Sudhaus restaurant we have a perfectly equipped kitchen and a comfortable restaurant flooded with light. In the summer time we open up our spectacular rooftop terrace and the sunny patio on the ground floor facing West.

Another specialty of the Anton Paar Sudhaus is its diversity: from catering for employees during the lunchtime to the regular à la carte service and events. In order to organize our time and the volume of food efficiently we work with front-cooking stations and self-service. The biggest motivation for our team is to see our colleagues return to their work after lunch content, refreshed, and in a good mood.

In the afternoon, the regular restaurant service starts with a sincere and warm service and an exquisite menu. The restaurant and bar are then open to the public. With outstanding hospitality and the excellent quality of our regional food, we ensure everyone enjoys a pleasant atmosphere and has a wonderful time with us.

Experience the exciting adventure of the food service industry at Sudhaus! 

Benefits for employees

Előny: Annual health check Annual health check
Előny: Anton Paar in Motion Anton Paar in Motion
Előny: Coaching Coaching
Előny: Company daycare and kindergarten Company daycare and kindergarten
Előny: Company physician Company physician
Előny: Discounts at several shops Discounts at several shops
Előny: Employee events Employee events
Előny: Family health insurance Family health insurance
Előny: Fitness center Fitness center
Előny: Flexible working hours Flexible working hours
Előny: Free beverages Free beverages
Előny: Free fruit Free fruit
Előny: Anniversary pay Anniversary pay
Előny: Occupational health promotion Occupational health promotion
Előny: Paid vacation Paid vacation
Előny: Parking space Parking space
Előny: Paternity leave Paternity leave
Előny: Subsidies for using public transport Subsidies for using public transport
Előny: Training & further education Training & further education
Előny: Well-connected by public transport Well-connected by public transport

Facts & figures

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