Granulation and drying - particle sizing and powder rheology in pharmaceutical industry


This webinar will look into important parameters for manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry. Issues that will be discussed include the influence of processing parameters (temperature and humidity) on product characteristics such as particle size and flowability of different excipients (milled lactose and methylcellulose). Moreover, a brief introduction to particle sizing and powder rheology will be given.


Datum: 2020-06-08, 17:00 - 17:30 (CET UTC+02)
Jezik: English
Predavač: Dr. Timothy Aschl, Dr. Olivia Kettner

Olivia Kettner works as international product manager for particle size analysis at Anton Paar. She studied
Physics at Graz Univerity of Technology and holds a PhD in Solid State Physics. She is specialized on particle
size analysis by means of laser diffraction.

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