Analytical & Synthetic Chemistry Series 01/2020: Basic of Microwave-Assisted Digestion

Analytical & Synthetic Chemistry Series 01/2020: Basic of Microwave-Assisted Digestion


Conversion of solid, complex samples into analysable form is often a tedious analytical process. By using microwave technology and closed vessels, the possibility of acid digestion can be done  at higher temperature in short time with utmost safety in laboratory.

Anton Paar is an leading expert in microwave-assisted digestion with the most sophisticated, user as well as budget friendly vessel design around the globe.

Target Group: New and experienced users in microwave-assisted digestion to refresh / expand their knowledge with following contents:

  • Fundamental of sample preparation using microwave digestion system
  • Technique and tips to perform acid digestion for good analytical results
  • Examples of application of microwave digestion of various fields
  • Understand the dos and don't of using microwave-assisted digestion

Check out how to improve sample preparation for superior trace elemental analysis by Anton Paar's Microwave Digestion System: Microwave-assisted acid digestionMultiwave 5000. One system - endless possibilities.

Datum: 2020-05-28, 10:00 - 11:00 (CT UTC+08)
Jezik: English
Predavač: Nigel Foong

Mr. Nigel Foong joined Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman as Assistant Laboratory Manager for 3 years. He served in laboratory management and look over analytical instruments of material characterization in spectroscopy (FT-IR,UV-Vis, Polarimeter, Fluorescence, AAS),thermal analyser (TGA, DSC) and X-ray Diffractometer (XRD).

With his varied experience in materials characterization, Nigel is currently with Anton Paar as the Application Specialist supporting customers in rheology and particle characterization. 

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