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Get to know your particles – Interactive Particle Characterization Seminar


The better you know your particles, the better you can predict your materials’ behavior. Parameters you want to measure for these investigations include particle size, pore size, particle shape, internal structure, zeta potential, surface area, reactive area, density, powder flow and many more. Anton Paar supports you in breaking into new horizons in this field by providing the world's broadest particle characterization portfolio. This interactive seminar will help you to better know your particles and understand the available technologies for your particle research and material development.

Datum: 2019-06-12, 08:30 - 2019-06-13, 16:00
Lokacija: Johannesburg, Afrika-Borwa, Anton Paar South Africa Johannesburg
Jezik: English
Organizator: Anton Paar Southern Africa
Predavač: Mr. Dharmesh Gala
Završetak registracije: 2019-06-07

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