Safer and More Accurate Ammonia Measurement

Relevant for production of fertilizers, refrigerants, nitrogenous production, cleaning agents

Improve Revenue and Profit with Improved Accuracy

Ammonia is a signifigant component of the world’s chemical production and more commonly referred to as anhydrous ammonia in commercial use and ammonia hydroxide in household cleaners. It is used across numerous industries and a simple, more accurate inline ammonia measurement can save resources, increase production, ensure process and product quality and raise revenue, all while ensuring a safe work environment.


Roughly 83% of the world’s ammonia is used as fertilizer and is directly or indirectly the precursor of most nitrogen-containing compounds. Used to increase the yield of crops, ammonia is a significant component of the world chemical production.


Anhydrous ammonia is often used for industrial refrigeration because of its high energy efficiency, low cost and tell-tale smell if there is a leak. Proper ammonia concentration is important for efficient refrigeration and cost savings.

Cleaning Agents

Ammonia is one of the most common components of cleaners, especially for glass, porcelain and stainless steel and oven cleaners. Accurate ammonia concentration is key to savings cost and ensuring product quality.


·  Save time and increase quality, production and revenue

·  High cost savings through more efficient use of resources

·  Typical life cycle of 170,000+ hours

·  Continuous, real time data recording

·  Simple to install and maintenance free


 Learn more about the L-Dens 7000 Density Sensors Series


Process Instruments:


  • L-Dens 7400 SST
  • Pico 3000 (RC)


Specifications L-Dens 7400

Measuring range: max. 3000 kg/m³

Process temp. range: -40 °C to 125 °C

Repeatability: 0.02 kg/m³

Drugi relevantni instrumenti

Laboratory instruments:


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