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Packaged Beverage Analyzers:

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Packaged Beverage Analyzers determine the most crucial quality parameters in beverage production with unmatched performance. Direct filling from the final package combined with automatic correction for the impact of dissolved CO₂ eliminate all kinds of operator influences. As a consequence, results are obtained up to 6 times quicker than with conventional methods. With a variety of additional measuring modules you can configure your system according to your exact requirements and do not miss any parameter you need.

Glavne značajke

Receive all results at once

Receive all results at once

Packaged Beverage Analyzers measure up to 7 measurement quantities simultaneously and provide more than 50 quality parameters. They are your reliable reference in the quality control of your beverage. Whether configured for the analysis of alcohol and extract content in beer or sugar and CO₂ concentration in soft drinks, PBA systems always provide all parameters on a single user interface. As all connected modules are filled with one and the same sample at once, quality control has never been easier and more efficient.

No need for sample preparation

No need for sample preparation

Pressure-driven filling and automatic CO₂ correction make time-consuming sample preparation a thing of the past. PBA M systems are not only much faster but also more reliable than conventional routine analyses. Possible errors during sample preparation are completely avoided. PBA M systems are easy to use and guarantee excellent measuring results since no sample preparation is required.

Combine the fastest measurements with the most economic analysis

Combine the fastest measurements with the most economic analysis

Up to 6 times faster than conventional methods: This is the result of simultaneous analysis of several parameters, e.g. density, alcohol content, and CO₂ from a single package. It allows you to downscale the analysis time to 3 to 5 minutes only. Quality control parameters such as °Brix in regular soft drinks and the original extract in beer are determined automatically. Thanks to this unique way of sample analysis and the combination of suitable measuring modules, the analysis time can be reduced to a minimum and operators in the lab have more time to perform other important tasks.

Choose your configuration

Choose your configuration

In their basic configurations, PBA systems determine the most essential parameters such as alcohol, extract, and CO₂ content in beer or Brix and CO₂ content in soft drinks. By extending your system with additional measuring modules for color, turbidity, viscosity, pH, or dissolved oxygen, you obtain a great variety of quality control parameters. Make your choice and create a system that is tailored exactly to your needs.

Tehničke specifikacije

Measuring range Alcohol content 0 %v/v to 12 %v/v -
Original extract 0 °Plato to 30 °Plato -
Extract content 0 %w/w to 20 %w/w -
Concentration sugar actual 0 °Brix to 15 °Brix
Density 0 g/cm³ to 3 g/cm³
CO2 0 vol. to 10 vol. (0 g/L to 20 g/L) <15 °C (59 °F)
O2 0 to 4ppm
Color (optional) 0 EBC to 120 EBC -
pH (optional) 0 pH to 14 pH
Repeatability s.d. Alcohol content 0.01 %v/v -
Original extract 0.03 °Plato -
Extract content 0.01 %w/w -
Concentration sugar actual 0.01 °Brix (DMA 4500)
Density 0.00001 g/cm³ (DMA 4100)
0.000005 g/cm³ (DMA 4500)
0.0000001 g/cm³ (DMA 5000)
CO2 0.005 vol. (0.01 g/L)
O2 2 ppb (in the range <200 ppb)
Color (optional) 0.1 EBC -
pH (optional) 0.02 pH (in the range 3 pH to 7 pH)
Temperature control Integrated Peltier thermostat
Temperature control, turbidity 0.01 °C repeatability s.d. in the range -5 °C to 40 °C
Sample volume 120 mL to 150 mL
Typical measuring time per sample 3 min to 5 min
Pressurized gas supply 6 bar ±0.5 bar (87 psi ±7 psi), relative
Display 10.4" TFT (640x480px); PCAP touchscreen
Internal storage more than 1,000 measuring values with camera images
Interfaces 4 x USB, RS-232, CAN, VGA, Ethernet
Controls touchscreen, optional keyboard, mouse, and bar code reader
Power supply AC 100 to 240 V, 50/60 Hz, fluctuation ±10 %, 190 VA
Environmental conditions (EN 61010) Indoor use only
Ambient temperature 15 °C to 35 °C (59 °F to 95 °F)
Air humidity non-condensing
20 °C, < 90% relative humidity
25 °C, < 60% relative humidity
30 °C, < 45% relative humidity
Pollution degree 2
Overvoltage category II



ASBC FAB-1: Alkohol i originalni ekstrakt metodom u bliskom infracrvenom području
ASBC Pivo-4G: Blisko infracrveno područje i sadržaj izvornog ekstrakta (2004.)


BCoJ BCOJ: analitička metoda za pivo

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