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Analyzing system for alcoholic beverages:

  • Selective alcohol determination uninfluenced by other ingredients
  • One setup for monitoring the production process from wort to beer
  • Highest accuracy for all types of beers
  • Automatic adjustment and calibration routines
  • Modular configurations to meet your requirements
  • Direct, selective alcohol determination for fast and reliable results
  • Other sample constituents in spirits have no influence on the alcohol analysis
  • Product-independent adjustment with water and one binary solution only
  • Modular setup for efficient multiparameter analysis
  • Selective alcohol determination uninfluenced by other ingredients
  • Measure the alcohol content of wine, sparkling wine, cider, and sake in less than three minutes
  • Obtain highly accurate results, independent of type and vintage
  • Minimum sample preparation and short measuring cycles
  • Selective alcohol determination in all alcoholic beverages such as beers, wines, and spirits
  • Guided adjustment and calibration routines
  • Product-independent adjustment
  • Modular setup for efficient multiparameter analysis
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Alcolyzer analyzing systems provide the most crucial quality parameters for beer, wine, spirits, and liqueurs. Thanks to the high degree of automation and superior operator support by built-in guided adjustment and measurement routines alcohol and extract determination is easier than ever before. With a variety of additional measuring modules you can configure your system according to your exact requirements and do not miss any required parameter.

Glavne značajke

Fast and direct determination of the alcohol content

Fast and direct determination of the alcohol content

Determining the alcohol content is important for maintaining product quality but also to meet label and legal requirements. Alcolyzer ME directly determines the alcohol content in all types of beers, wines, and spirits without the need for product distillation and is therefore the all-in-one solution for alcohol analysis. The results are in accordance with acknowledged reference methods for alcohol determination.

Product-independent adjustment

Product-independent adjustment

Alcolyzer provides accurate results for all samples after an adjustment with water and one binary solution only. Thanks to this unique feature adjustment, calibration, and maintenance efforts are reduced to a minimum which increases simplicity in your lab.

Full automation for the highest sample throughput

Full automation for the highest sample throughput

Continuously monitoring your laboratory equipment should not be something you have to worry about. This is why we offer a variety of solutions for automated measurement so that lab personnel have the time to perform other tasks. Automation helps increase your sample throughput while you can focus on more important things than sample handling. Depending on the degree of automation, also filling and cleaning of the measuring instruments are performed automatically and without any manual interaction.

Modularity to meet your requirements

Modularity to meet your requirements

Thanks to their modular setup, Anton Paar’s Alcolyzer analyzing systems are always tailored to your needs.

Choose from a wide range of optional measuring parameters such as pH, color, or turbidity, and benefit from solutions that exactly fulfill your requirements. Combine your system with an automatic sample changer for handling high sample throughput at the maximum level of automation.

Tehničke specifikacije

Alcolyzer Beer ME Alcolyzer Wine ME Alcolyzer Spirits ME Alcolyzer Spirits ME for liqueurs
Measuring range
Alcohol 0 to 12 %v/v 0 to 20 %v/v 35 to 65 %v/v 15 to 40 %v/v (in combination with MCP 100)
Original extract 0 to 30 °Plato -
Density 0 to 3 g/cm³
Color (optional) 0 to 120 EBC - 0 to 120 EBC -
ph value (optional) 0 to 14
Turbidity (optional) 0 to 100 EBC / 0 to 400 NTU
Repeatability s.d.
Alcohol 0.01 %v/v
Original extract 0.03 °Plato -
Extract 0.01 %w/w 0.01 g/L
Density 0.00001 g/cm³ (DMA 4500 M) / 0.000001 g/cm³ (DMA 5000 M)
Color (optional) 0.1 EBC - 0.1 EBC -
ph value (optional) 0.02
Turbidity (optional) 0.02 EBC / 0.08 NTU
Additional information
Temperature control Integrated Peltier thermostat
Minimum amount of sample 30 mL degassed sample per measurement
Typical measuring time per sample 4 minutes (incl. filling)
Sample throughput 15 to 20 samples per hour
Dimensions (L x W x H) 482 x 730 x 446 mm (19.0 x 28.7 x 17.6 inches)
Weight approx. 35.7 kg (77 lbs)
Power supply AC 100 to 240 V; 50 to 60 Hz; 50 to 80 VA
Interfaces 4 x USB, Ethernet, VGA, CAN, RS-232



AOAC Metoda 956.02 (430 nm)
ASBC Pivo-4G: Blisko infracrveno područje i sadržaj izvornog ekstrakta (2004.)


BCoJ 8.3.6 Mjerač sadržaja alkohola
BCoJ 8.4.3 Mjerač za realni ekstrakt
BCoJ BCOJ: analitička metoda za pivo


EBC Poglavlje 9.2.6


GB T 4928-2008


Mebak Poglavlje
Mebak Poglavlje 2.12.2


OIV Sadržaj alkohola u vinu i moštu

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