Inline measurement of the viscosity of lubricants at a lubricant manufacturing plant L-Vis 510 will continuously be in place in your production line obtaining viscosity and temperature values

Quality control and cost efficiency by measuring inline viscosity with L-Vis 510

Robust and accurate viscosity measurement under harsh process conditions is essential to ensure the final product quality of lubricants when manufacturing and filling lubricant oils. Only a repeatable and accurate viscosity during product changes guarantees consistent product quality and safes production time.

L-Vis 510 is an inline viscometer which is immersed directly in the production line. It displays the viscosity at the process temperature and reference temperature together with the current process temperature.

In combination with the Anton Paar process density sensor L-Dens 7400, the density and viscosity will be measured and the kinematic viscosity will be calculated.

Data management for your quality control with L-Vis 510

L-Vis 510 data management connects via analog/digital or fieldbus to your plant control (PLC). Processing these data the viscosity measurement with L-Vis 510 will help to optimize your process.
L-Vis 510 – in place for first-class quality!

A challenging task made easy by Anton Paar’s unique, fluid dynamic inline viscometer, the L-Vis 510

•    Robust and accurate measurement
•    Inline measurement of the dynamic viscosity together with the temperature
•    Calculating a reference viscosity at a reference temperature from the measured values
•    Installed flexibly in a pipe, tank or bypass using standard or customized connection flanges

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Other relevant instruments

Laboratory viscosity measurement
•    SVM™ – Series Viscometer
•    Lovis 2000 M/ME  –
      Ball Rolling Viscometer
•    RheolabQC – Rheometer

Process density measurement
•    L-Dens 7400



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In place to ensure quality:
Product detection instantly and inline by measuring the lubricant’s viscosity and temperature – in place to ensure top quality