How to transfer Sample from Beverage Cartons

The determination of dissolved oxygen in beverages filled in cartons without changing the dissolved oxygen concentration during sample transfer is in demand.

The determination of the true dissolved oxygen content in beverages packed in cartons is possible

Cartons as packages for all sorts of beverages have been on the market for many years due to their user-friendliness, their light weight and sturdy characteristics during transport. 

Monitoring the dissolved oxygen content in these products is frequently encountered in quality control laboratories. Thus, sample transfer without being accompanied by a change of the beverage’s composition is required. A measurement kit with all necessary parts for sample transfer from a closed carton to an OxyQC or OxyQC Wide Range oxygen meter is now available from Anton Paar.

A straightforward setup for straightforward dissolved O2 analysis

A suitable setup is composed of the carton, the measurement kit, an OxyQC dissolved oxygen meter, a peristaltic pump for sample transfer, and a waste container.

To install the adapter, only a few steps have to be followed.

  • Turn the carton upside down.
  • Insert the adapter above the liquid level, i.e. close to the base plate of the carton.
  • Re-position the carton.

To compensate for the loss of volume during sample transfer, a small hole can be pierced into the top part of the carton.

Even though the adapter - due to its design - is filled with air when it is inserted into the carton, the required sample amount is still as little as 360 mL. The determination including sample transfer is completed in a bit over two minutes. Data transfer to a printer or PC as well as data storage of up to 500 measurement results for data transfer at some later stage is possible.

OxyQC covers a wide range of applications

Be it an alcoholic or a non-alcoholic beverage such as juice, the dissolved oxygen content can be determined effortlessly. The setup is even suitable for samples with small pulp particles.

Learn more about the O₂ Meters OxyQC and OxyQC Wide Range


OxyQC is the precise O2 meter that remains unaffected by other dissolved gases. 

Good to know

OxyQC reliably detects the amount of dissolved oxygen in beverages with its optical oxygen sensor in the range of 0 ppb to 4000 ppb (=4 ppm).

OxyQC Wide Range is suitable to measure oxygen in the range of 0.015 ppm to 45 ppm.