Better Sample Preparation of Polymers - Microwave-induced Oxygen Combustion (MIC)

If you have any problems with digesting plastic & polymer samples for elemental analysis due to inhomogeneity or high residual carbon content think about the unique microwave-induced oxygen combustion from Anton Paar.

 Microwave-induced oxygen combustion MIC

The novel and unique digestion method using Multiwave PRO, burns the
samples in pure oxygen and absorbs the analytes in small amounts of

Typical samples: HDPE, LDPE, Nylon, PEEK, PET, PP, PS, PVC

MIC with Multiwave PRO - User Benefits

  • No need to use concentrated acids (lowest LODs)
  • Minimizes interferences in the determination step
  • Guarantees the lowest residual carbon content
  • Enables high sample masses (up to 500 mg)
  • Allows 8 samples in 25 min (high sample throughput)
  • Gives best recoveries for halogens (e.g. Br in flame retardants, Cl in PVC)
  • Reduces laboratory waste and costs
  • Provides full documentation for each single sample

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Recommended configuration: