The Safest Way – Live Event: Anton Paar’s Solutions for Vaccine R&D and Quality Control

The process of formulating vaccines is critical to ensuring vaccine efficacy and stability throughout storage, distribution, and delivery. Vaccines have to be carefully developed and thoroughly analyzed at every step of the formulation and production process.

Join us for this live event where we’ll be showcasing our array of solutions for vaccine development, formulation, and quality control, including for the analysis of active agents, excipients, and final product.

From the Anton Paar lab we’ll be showing you how two of our instrument solutions – the Next-Level density meter (in combination with our newly designed turbidity module), and our high-performance particle size analyzer – are specifically tailored to vaccine development and quality control.

We’ll highlight as well how our AP Connect lab execution software guarantees compliance and data integrity.

Our focus:

  • The main measurement parameters to ensure high vaccine quality and avoid contamination.
  • Pharma-related system security and compliance requirements, including features like electronic signature and data export.
  • The important role of vaccine particles and why they should be in certain size ranges, based on the example of mRNA vaccine.

And much more…

After the demo, join a live Q&A with our top industry experts.

Mr. Markus Peterherr, Nathalie Etchart-Liechtenstein, Ph.D., Marcel Urban (English)
Markus Peterherr

Mr. Markus Peterherr is a product manager at Anton Paar GmbH, Austria, responsible for measuring instruments tailored for use in the alcoholic beverage industry. His previous experience in customer support provides him unique insights for identification of requirements for this market.

Nathalie Etchart-Liechtenstein, Ph.D.

Nathalie Etchart is an application specialist for Particle Characterization and Surface Charge, at the Anton Paar headquarters in Austria. She earned a PhD in Immunology from the University of Lyon, France, and has worked in vaccine research and stem cell research in the UK, France and Austria, before joining Anton Paar in 2016.

Marcel Urban

Marcel Urban is the international product manager for density and concentration meters at the Anton Paar headquarters in Austria. His background is sensor technology with many years’ experience in different industries like industrial, medical and automotive. He graduated with a Master’s degree in Microelectronics at the Carinthian Tech Institute in Villach, Austria 2000. Marcel Urban joined Anton Paar in June 2019.


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