Safe digestion of highly reactive petroleum products in Multiwave 5000 and Rotor 20SVT50

Join us for this webinar on the microwave-assisted acid digestion of highly reactive petroleum samples. Get to know our newest Rotor 20SVT50 with SmartVent technology and see how it makes digestion so much easier. Learn how to digest difficult petroleum products like F6 marine fuels, crude oil, and other petroleum products efficiently and in a safe way. Find out how you can benefit from the SmartVent technology in terms of safety, ease of operation, and increased throughput compared to traditional rotor-based systems and other standardized procedures such as ashing, fluxing, and dissolution. Sign up to discuss important handling aspects, hints for successful analytics, and all your specific questions with our experts. 

Dr. Markus Michaelis (English)
Markus Michaelis

Markus Michaelis is an analytical chemist graduating from Graz University of Technology in the 1980ies.

Since joining Anton Paar in 2010 he has been solving application problems for customers worldwide and is an expert for instrumentation and chemistry with application knowledge of sample preparation, especially high-pressure acid digestion techniques and difficult samples.


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