Microwave Digestion Vessels – The Key to Heavy Metal Testing

When comparing microwave digestion systems, it’s easy to focus on the microwave digester itself. They are physically big, usually expensive, and powerful sources of energy. Microwave digesters are, ultimately, the machines that digest samples in preparation for ICP or AAS analysis.

But digesters don’t directly touch your sample. You don’t hold them in your hand. This begs the question: why is it that the vessels and vials are often footnotes when a manufacturer is discussing features and specifications of its microwave digestion systems? These components play a major role in a system’s ease of use, safety, and even throughput. A microwave digestion system can only perform to the level of its vessels and vials.

In this live webinar, Anton Paar’s Chaitanya Kaushik will put the spotlight firmly on the vessels and vials that directly hold your samples. He will discuss how great design and performance does not happen by accident, and how Anton Paar has created premium performance vessels and vials that are designed with specific user elements in mind. You will learn:

  • Why smart vent designs increase safety and decrease the risk of vessel melting
  • How unique cooling fins save time and increase throughput
  • How vessels can be designed for better handling – with fewer parts, no tools required, and able to stand up safely on a counter top
  • What to consider when comparing operational specifications
  • How vial purity can ensure reliable results

Microwave digester vessels are often treated as a footnote, but this webinar will explain why vessels and vials are actually major elements of microwave digestion system’s quality and performance.

Chaitanya Kaushik (English)
Chaitanya Kaushik

Chaitanya Kaushik is the Market Development Manager for microwave assisted sample preparation and Raman spectroscopy at Anton Paar USA. He is educated in business administration with over 13 years of experience in the field of sales & distribution, as well as production of laboratory instrumentation. In the last 3 years at Anton Paar, Chaitanya has worked extensively with the sample preparation, particle, and pore characterization product lines.


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