Brick on Brick: Particle sizing of building materials

Brick on Brick: Particle sizing of building materials

The term “building materials” covers all materials and products used for building projects. Besides naturally occurring materials, such as clay or sand, man-made products have been developed using synthetic components. Composite materials whose properties are defined by their components, relative proportions, and particle size distribution need to be analyzed to ensure product quality but also to develop new building materials with improved properties.
Join our webinar to learn how laser diffraction techniques can help to characterize your material, ensure the right product properties, and enable quality control.

In this webinar you will:

- learn why particle size matters for building materials
- get a short introduction to laser diffraction
- learn how to determine particle size distributions for very different building materials such as:
     - Gypsum
     - Limestone
     - Silicone pastes used for sealing
     - Slurries
- learn how to use the Tromp curve

Dr. Nicole Koch (English)
Nicole Koch

Nicole Koch works as application specialist for particle characterization and surface charge at Anton Paar GmbH. She studied Biochemistry / Molecular Biology at the University of Jena, Germany and earned a PhD in Biochemistry before joining Anton Paar.


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