Basics of Rheology II: Oscillatory Rheology for Viscoelastic Material

About the workshop:

Oscillatory tests have emerged as a tool to characterize structured fluids. In oscillatory tests aim is to understand the flow behavior of the material under low or high deformations to establish a material-structure-property correlation. Further, these tests are useful for quality control so as to determine the effect of rapid deformations on the end products and to correlate physical stability.

This webinar aims to introduce principles of the oscillatory rheological theory, along with various test methods that can be performed to characterize a material.

Who should attend:

University Professors, Researchers, Students, Personnel working in R & D division, Q&A

Agenda for the workshop:

We will provide the following technical insights in the webinar

  • Introduction to Oscillatory Rheology
  • Oscillatory Test: Amplitude Sweep, Frequency Sweep
  • Oscillatory Test: Time and Temperature-dependent Behavior 



Dr. Ornov Maulik (English)