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Multiparameter Analyzing System:
Modulyzer Wine Spectroscopy

  • +7
  • Has more than 15 key parameters that can be measured with only 1 filling and 1 measurement
  • Produces conformity for alcohol content – no need for distillation
  • Offers a sugar and acid profile for must, must in fermentation, and wine
  • Automates filling and measurement for up to 24 samples

Modulyzer Wine Spectroscopy helps you analyze samples from various points in your wine production process. It combines an FTIR analyzer for quick determination of sugar and acid profiles with a density meter and alcohol meter, giving you an accurate measurement of alcohol content and density that you can rely on.

A sample changer automates filling and measurement for up to 24 samples and reduces your handling time to a minimum.

Key features

All relevant parameters in one go

All relevant parameters in one go

A balanced interaction of key substances – alcohol, sugars, and acids – defines the quality of your wine. Modulyzer Wine Spectroscopy will guide you through your production process and help you monitor all relevant parameters with minimal effort. Starting with one sample preparation and one filling, your sample is measured simultaneously by three instruments – an FTIR analyzer, a density meter, and an alcohol meter – and the results of more than 15 parameters are presented in one report.

A sample changer automates the measurement for up to 48 samples in a row. LIMS connectivity and automatic printing are ideal solutions for high-throughput laboratories.

Pinpoint accuracy, full compliance

Pinpoint accuracy, full compliance

Alcolyzer Wine ME in the Modulyzer Wine Spectroscopy setup determines the alcohol content in all types of wines, which helps you easily confirm your product specifications. You get accurate results for all types of wines after only one adjustment with water and a binary solution. Your results conform with the reference method for alcohol determination in wine. The digital density meters DMA 4500 M and DMA 5000 M use the oscillating U-tube principle that has been approved by tax offices and customs laboratories. Simplify your daily routine by analyzing your sample in one run and receive accurate, compliant results right away.

Instant results, easy operation

Instant results, easy operation

The FTIR analyzer Lyza 5000 Wine in the Modulyzer Wine Spectroscopy setup determines a broad range of parameters, including sugar and acid profile, ethanol, glycerol, and polyphenols. Get results in less than one minute. Whether your sample is must, fermenting must, or finished wine, you can immediately respond to unwanted deviations during your production process.

A quick measurement system, along with automatic reference measurements, let you manage large workloads with ease. The Cleaning Performance Index (patent pending) and guided workflows inform you when and how to clean it. This guarantees precise results and easy operation whenever you need it.

Technical specifications

  Parameter Measuring range Repeatability
Lyza 5000 Wine
(Chemometric model: Wine)
Ethanol 6 to 20 %v/v 0.02 %v/v
  Glucose 0 to 150 g/L 0.2 g/L
  Fructose 0 to 160 g/L 0.1 g/L
  Sucrose 1.5 to 50 g/L 0.2 g/L
  Titratable acidity2 0 to 12 g/L 0.04 g/L
  Volatile acids 0 to 1.5 g/L 0.02 g/L
  Malic acid 0 to 7 g/L 0.06 g/L
  Tartaric acid 0 to 5 g/L 0.05 g/L
  Lactic acid 0 to 3 g/L 0.05 g/L
  Gluconic acid 0 to 5.5 g/L 0.03 g/L
  pH 3 to 4 0.01
  Density 0.98 to 1.1 g/cm³ 0.0001 g/cm³
  Must weight3 -4 to 24 °Bx 0.03 °Bx
  Extract 0 to 350 g/L 0.3 g/L
  Glycerol 0 to 25 g/L 0.2 g/L
  Total polyphenols 0 to 3 g/L 0.08 g/L
DMA 4500 M Density 0 to 3 g/cm³ 0.000005 g/cm3
Alcolyzer ME Alcohol 0 to 20 %v/v 0.01 %v/v

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