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Trade in your powder rheology setup and start characterizing powders at elevated temperatures in a safe, dust-free environment, with the very latest software features.

Here’s your chance to obtain the most versatile powder rheology setup in the world

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Trade in your powder rheology setup for Anton Paar’s super-versatile, future-proof MCR

Powders are versatile and so is our powder rheology platform. Characterize any powder, from low loads (basic flowability energy, cohesion strength, air retention, etc.) to high loads (shear tests, wall friction, compressibility, etc.), and from low temperatures to high temperatures, in a completely dust-free environment. 

Trade in your old powder rheology setup for a brand-new MCR rheometer and get these powder accessories for free: 

  1. A basic flowability energy (BFE) kit, including the required helical two-blade stirrer
  2. A powder flow cell
  3. A patented dust protection hood
  4. A large and a small volume ring shear cell (18.9 ml and 4.3 ml)
  5. A convection temperature device (-20 °C to +180 °C) for shear cells, attachable to a humidity generator
  6. A rheology module, including a Peltier temperature device (-20 °C to +180 °C), and a plate/plate measuring system
  7. Rheometer software package compatible with Windows 10 or higher (SQL database and pharma compliance)

Anton Paar’s powder rheology setup, centered on a powder flow cell and a powder shear cell, is the world’s most versatile. The powder flow cell functions as a flexible, safe working platform for measurement of well-established powder characteristics such as basic flowability energy, cohesion strength, pressure drop, deaeration time, and more, while guaranteeing a dust-free working environment via the patented dust protection hood. The powder ring shear cell complements Anton Paar’s powder rheology portfolio with its multiple measuring methods that offer next-level simulation of process conditions. Shear, compressibility, and wall friction measurements can be performed at temperatures ranging from -160 °C to +600 °C and at relative humidity levels from 5 %rH to 95 %rH. The constantly updated software ensures flawless characterization and guides you step-by-step through the measurement. You can also use the rheometer to characterize fluids using the rheology module consisting of a Peltier temperature device and a plate/plate measuring system.

For a more detailed description, take a look at our technical specifications.

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