Backstage: Product Management

"It’s really rewarding to support a large sales team in solving customer problems."

Rikki, Product Manager for Adsorption Analyzers | Anton Paar QuantaTec Inc.

When you show up to work one day to find out that the company that you work for has been acquired by another company, it causes immediate concern. What will this new company be like? What will the new management be like? Will my role within the company change? This was the reality for me in 2018 when the company that I had worked at for nine years was acquired by Anton Paar. What I have found in the time since is that I had no reason for concern. Anton Paar came into the company and only made major improvements, while keeping the people, knowledge, and warm family atmosphere that I had appreciated for the many years previously. Although many roles changed, including mine, the company worked to place each person into a role which aligned with the specific skills and interests of each of us.

In my new role as product manager, I have the opportunity to combine my technical knowledge with the market experience that I had learned from over eight years in instrument sales. Working with a team, we have the opportunity to shape the future of the product portfolio and align it with the needs of our customers and the market. Additionally, since Anton Paar reinvests a substantial amount of their revenues into research and development every year, I have the ability to work with leading R&D engineers to develop cutting edge solutions to better meet the needs of our customers. It is incredibly exciting to be involved in such activities and rewarding to see the benefit this has on important material characterization applications such as the tires we drive on, the medications we take, and the batteries used in all of our electronic devices.

In addition to the exciting work with the R&D team, being a product manager at Anton Paar means supporting a large global sales network. This provides me with the opportunity to travel to many wonderful countries and to meet a diverse group of highly technical and very friendly sales personnel and their customers.

Anyone interested in working as part of a global team, and dedicated to providing solutions for problems faced by researchers in innumerable industries, will find this position, or any position within Anton Paar, rewarding and challenging.