X-Ray Diffraction Live Virtual Demonstration

X-Ray Diffraction Live Virtual Demonstration


Join us on a online journey where we will virtually guide you to visualize Anton Paar's latest innovation in the field of Material Characterization: Anton Paar's XRDynamic 500.

In this live demonstration we will be showcasing TrueBeamTM technology, and how it delivers high speed measurement and resolution. We will also showcase the power of the large goniometer radius, the automated switching of the beam geometries, the optics, as well as the latest developments in non-ambient attachments. 


  • 10h00 to 11h15: Presentation
  • 11h15 to 13h00: Demonstration

Anton Paar Southern Africa Presenters:

  • Benjamin Marrian
  • Zwelihle Ndlovu 

Anton Paar GmbH Demonstrators:

  • Benedikt Schrode 
  • Dr. Marius Kremer
Sprache: English
Vortragende: Dr. Benedikt Schrode, Mr Zwelihle Ndlovu, Dr. Marius Kremer, Mr Benjamin Marrian
Benedikt Schrode

Benedikt Schrode studied technical physics at Graz University of Technology. In his PhD, he focused on the preparation and characterization of epitaxially grown organic thin films by (grazing incidence) X-ray diffraction using lab instruments and synchrotron sources. In July 2020, he joined Anton Paar as an application specialist for X-ray diffraction.

Zwelihle Ndlovu

He is a Sales Specialist for Anton Paar Southern Africa in the Materials Surface Characterization division. He specifically deals with tribology, indentation, scratch testing and coating thickness. He is also responsible for XRD and SAXS. He obtained his BSc. Honours degree in Chemistry at the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

Marius Kremer

Dr. Marius Kremer obtained his PhD in Chemistry from the RWTH Aachen University with a focus on crystallography and X-ray diffraction. He joined Anton Paar in April 2021 and currently works as Application Specialist for Non-Ambient X-ray attachments.

Benjamin Marrian

He has 28 years of experience in the field of scientific analytical instrumentation. Qualified as an instrumentation service engineer, he has grown in the fields of service, application and commercial expertise across various analytical techniques. He joined Anton Paar in 2019 and is an Area Sales Manager (Africa Division) and Product Manager for X-ray Systems.


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