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Rheology Workshop


More than 2000 customers have already followed this course and use the obtained knowledge in their daily work. The goal of our rheology workshop is to initiate our customers - from lab assistants up to lab managers - in the magical world of rheology.

Following topics will be discussed: viscosity & flow behaviour, elasticity & viscoelastic behaviour. These topics will be explained in detail during the theoretical sessions (English spoken). Topics of the practical sessions will be visualized while performing measurements. Participants will receive 'The Rheology Handbook' from Thomas Mezger and a syllabus with measuring graphics.





Cílová skupina: Users of our Rheometers

Datum: 2019-03-27, 09:00 - 2019-03-28, 17:00 (CET UTC+01)
Místo konání: Kaatsheuvel, Nederland , Efteling Hotel Kaatsheuvel
Jazyk: English
Počet účastníků: 36
Organizátor: Anton Paar Benelux
Školitel: Thomas Mezger, Tom Colman, Haike Ruijters, Stefan Beijer, Rob Sijffers
Náklady: 1 day : 750 euro | 2 days (excl. diner + stay) : 1100 euro | 2 days (incl.diner + stay) : 1315 euro
Konec registrace: 2019-03-18
Hotel: Efteling Hotel

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