Petro Days with Anton Paar


Transport fuels (Petrol & Diesel) as well as lubrication oil is critical for any developing country, as together with vehicles they form part of an integrated system contributing to economic growth. In addition, the interaction between transport fuels and vehicles is also a major contributor of air pollution.

Petrol and diesel specification were first regulated in 2006 in South Africa following the phase- out of lead in fuels. The new specification included the introduction of benzene and aromatics in addition to reduced sulphur in diesel.

South Africa as a net importer of lubricant base oils has a strong testing tradition in order to meet the local and international specifications of lubricants.  With synthetic and unconventional base oils appearing more in the market, quality testing has become increasingly important.

Discover how the smart viscometers from Anton Paar which measures the viscosity, density and viscosity index can make your measurement easier and faster while using low solvent volume, saving energy cost and valuable lab space.


Datum: 2019-06-27 , 08:30 - 14:30
Místo konání: Johannesburg, Afrika-Borwa, Anton Paar South Africa Johannesburg
Jazyk: English
Organizátor: Anton Paar Southern Africa
Školitel: Mr. Westhein Maree
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