Application PMA 5: Secondary Working Standard 4-Hydroxy-4-methyl-2-pentanone (Diacetonalcohol)

Flash point values are a function of the apparatus design, the condition of the apparatus used and the operational procedure carried out.

Only some flash point methods are allowed to be used for classification of dangerous goods according to IATA (air freight) or ADR (transportation on the road).

PMA 5 strictly follows the methods allowed to be used in the regulations for dangerous goods.

Fig. 1: Pensky-Martens Flash Point Tester PMA 5

For classification of dangerous goods it is important to have a reliable reference product. This reference product should be easily available and inexpensive. The flash point value should be close to the declaration limit of 60 °C for Class 3 flammable liquids and have an acceptable repeatability. On the basis of a CRM (certified reference material) it is possible to create an in-house secondary working standard (SWS).

That means, first the device must be checked with a CRM. When the correct flash point value was found for the CRM, another product can be qualified as SWS. 4-Hydroxy-4-methyl-2-pentanone (Diacetonalcohol) was found to be suitable to fulfill these requirements. 

Test Method

ASTM D93-A or ISO 2719-A

58.5 °C and r = 1.7 °C (repeatability)

58.5 °C and R = 4.15 °C (reproducibility)

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