Application Callisto 100: Three Devices Share One Cooling Unit

Using a special multi-way connector, three Callisto 100 instruments can be connected to a single Julabo FP51-SL cooling unit. This minimizes costs and saves laboratory space.

Callisto 100 – Test Principle

The Cold Filter Plugging Point method is used to determine low-temperature operability of diesel fuel, biodiesel, blends and gas oils.
The CFPP is the lowest temperature at which a fuel will freely flow through the filters in a diesel engine system.


Save Costs and Space

Due to the innovative cooling system of the Callisto 100 it is possible to run up to three devices simultaneously with only one cooling unit, while fulfilling all requirements of the standard methods.

Fig. 1: How to connect three Callisto 100 with one circulator


The refrigerated circulator FP51-SL from Julabo allows a simultaneous operation in combination with two custom-made multi-way hose connectors.
The connectors are simply mounted between the FP51-SL cooler and the three Callisto 100 devices by using the connection hoses provided with each Callisto 100.


Good to Know

Instead of toxic or silicone-containing bath fluids a 2:3 Glysantin®/water mixture should be used as a cooling liquid.


Required Equipment

3 Callisto 100 (146618) units each with:
   1 Test jar (141693)
   1 Measuring pipette, 20 mL (141692)
   1 Measuring lid with light rod (147154)
   1 Filter assembly (106725)
   1 Centering guide EN 116 (106726)

1 Multi-way hose connection set (170366) including 2 multi-way connectors

1 Circulator Julabo FP51-SL, 400 V, 50 Hz, 3 phase (170364) or 208 V, 60 Hz (170365)

3 Bottles antifreeze, Glysantin® G48®, 1.5 L (106231)


Do you have any questions?

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