Application Callisto 100: Small Cooling Unit for Single Device

With the Julabo CF41 a small refrigerated circulator model is now available to be used with a single Callisto 100. This minimizes costs and saves laboratory space.

Callisto 100 – Test Principle

The Cold Filter Plugging Point method is used to determine low-temperature operability of diesel fuel, biodiesel, blends and gas oils.
The CFPP is the lowest temperature at which a fuel will freely flow through the filters in a diesel engine system.


Save Costs and Space

Due to the innovative cooling system of the Callisto 100 it is possible to run the device with only a small cooling unit while fulfilling all requirements of the standard methods.

Fig. 1: Cold Filter Plugging Point Tester Callisto 100


Therefore the small refrigerated circulator CF41 from Julabo will be filled with approximately 2.5 L of a 2:3 Glysantin®/water mixture.

Fig. 2: Refrigerated circulator Julabo CF41


Good to Know

Instead of toxic or silicone-containing bath fluids a 2:3 Glysantin®/water mixture should be used as a cooling liquid.


Required Equipment

1 Callisto 100 (146618) with:
   1 Test jar (141693)
   1 Measuring pipette, 20 mL (141692)
   1 Measuring lid with light rod (147154)
   1 Filter assembly (106725)
   1 Centering guide EN 116 (106726)

1 Circulator Julabo CF41, 230 V, 50 Hz (170367) or 115 V, 60 Hz (170368)

1 Bottle antifreeze, Glysantin® G48®, 1.5 L (106231)


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