Application ADU 5: Distillation of Reference Fluids

Running a distillation with reference fluids is necessary to check the calibration status of the temperature measurement system in an automatic distillation unit.

To Assure the Accuracy of Results

The calibration of the temperature measurement system of an automatic distillation unit should be verified at regularly intervals, and after the system has been moved.

According to ASTM D86 the verification of the temperature measuring device shall be conducted by distilling a reference fluid (depending on the distillation group) and comparing the recovered temperature after a 50 % barometric pressure correction with the nominal values that are specified in the standard method.

Well Prepared for Calibration Routines

To save the users valuable time the ADU 5 offers pre-set programs for the distillation of the reference fluids, which guide through the procedure and displays the actual status online.

Recovered test results will be stored in the ADU 5 data memory. The table of results already indicates the 50 % corrected recovered value.
No manual calculation … simply compare the 50 % corrected recovered value with the minimum and maximum values of the standard.

Fig. 1: Select the test result from the data memory

Reference Samples To Be Distilled

    ASTM D86

  • group 1: toluene
  • group 4: n-hexadecane (cetane)


Fig. 2: Automatic Distillation Unit ADU 5

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