Application ABA 4: Quick Verification

Flash point values are influenced by the type of apparatus, its condition, the test method or how a test is carried out. Adding water to a solvent can raise the flash point value and therefore can be used for a quick check of the instrument performance.

Reference Materials

The performance of the flash point testers should be verified on a regular basis using either a CRM (certified reference material) produced in accordance with ISO guide 34 and ISO guide 35 or an in-house reference material / SWS (secondary working standard).

Quick Verification

Sometimes, there is no CRM or SWS available at the customer side to check the performance of the instrument.

An easy way of producing a material with a known flash point is adding water to a solvent, provided that the solvent is water-miscible.

Fig. 1: ABA 4


The table below shows flash points for different ethanol/water mixtures tested with an ABA 4 in accordance with the method ISO 13736:

Ethanol Concentration in Water
Approx. ABA 4 Flash Point
(ISO 13736)
100 % 13 °C
90 % 17 °C
75 % 21 °C
50 % 25 °C
25 % 34 °C
10 % 50 °C
5 % 63 °C

Tab. 1: Correlation of solvent concentration and flash point

Important to Know

Only the ABA 4 multi-detectors shown below are suitable to perform tests with water containing samples:

Fig. 2: Multi-detector with new stainless steel Pt100 and flash point detector design (172549)


Fig. 3: Multi-detector with glass Pt100 and new flash point detector design (172997)


Fig. 4: Flash point detector design: old ⇒ new

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